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MaxiGro is a growth-stimulating supplement designed for use with young seedlings, sprouts, transplants, cuttings and immature plants. This concentrated formula is available as a water-soluble powder which makes it easy to measure, mix and add to the growing medium of your choice.

Regular feedings will speed up the normal growth cycles of herbs and annuals. Versatility, effectiveness and convenience make this product a “must have” for gardeners.

Horticultural research proves that powdered nutrient supplements have a broad range of uses. The special blend of botanical growth stimulating compounds is able to deliver successful results when used in traditional garden soils, hydroponic gardens and other soil-free mediums.

Successful plant propagation requires the use of quality nutrients, especially during the cycles when plants are experiencing rapid levels of growth. MaxiGro is designed to provide those essential organic minerals that can boost the vegetative development of foliage, stems and extensive root networks.

The formula minimizes any possibility of pH drift in the growing medium. It also contains important micro and macro-nutrients that can be absorbed easily during supplemental feedings.

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