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pH UP Liquid and Dry

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pH UP (Liquid and Dry)

Low pH is a common problem for most growers. While some soils are naturally acidic, intensive and protracted use of fertilizers and other farm chemicals can considerably lower soil pH. When the pH drops to a level less than 5.5, yields from crops drop and the plants themselves suffer physical damage.

Low pH is associated with increased levels of essential micronutrients including manganese, iron, and aluminum. This may result in a condition in which micronutrient toxicity occurs in the plants. On the other hand, under acidic conditions, such nutrient as calcium, potassium and magnesium fall to levels that cause a deficiency to occur in the plants.

In a growing media, pH fluctuations are much more rapid when compared to soils as a result of irrigation and use of fertilizers. It will elevate the pH of soil by utilizing potassium hydroxide and potassium carbonate.

General Hydroponics pH UP Liquid and Dry should only be used after soil pH has been established. It should also be used sparingly when it is added to nutrient solutions.

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