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RapidStart 1-0.5-1

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Rapid Start Rooter

Rooting Enhancer - Enhance plant yield and vigor while promoting root growth

RapidStart delivers a powerful blend of amino acids, nutrients and plant extracts to generate explosive growth. Also stimulates growth of fine root hairs and prolific root branching to help increase nutrient uptake for whiter and healthier roots. Use Rapidstart to make plants explode. Can be used fro plants in soilless mixes, prepared soil, coco blends and hydroponics. Rapidstart strong finish and bigger is better.

Recommended usage: 1 tsp per 5gallons of water or .25 ml per Liter

Use with

  • Soil and Soilless

  • Coco Coir

  • Continuous Liquid Feed

  • Aggressive usage: 2 tsp per 5 gallons of water or .5 ml per Litre

  • Recommended for

  • Cloning Machines

  • Root Drench

  • Propagation Trays

  • Hydroponics

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