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General Organics Bio Bud Bloom Booster 0.5-0.1-1

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Bio Bud Bloom Booster

Give your plants the bio-stimulants needed to encourage the development of healthy buds and blooms. This General Organics supplement is specifically designed to meet the changing energy needs of a plant. BioBud Bloom Booster will help your plants achieve their maximum potential.

You can even add BioBud to previously fertilized garden sites. The formula replenishes soils and growing mediums with important amino acids and minerals. When you give fruits, flowers and shrubs the rich nutrients they require then the result will be healthy proliferative plants that are eager to burst into full bloom.

Encouraging bountiful buds and blooms can be a delicate process for many gardeners. This bloom boosting formula contains important biological stimulants. These safe, organic compounds are exactly what your plants need. The bio-stimulants help spur cellular activity, increase plant growth/ development and promote more effective absorption of nutrients.

Bloom Booster is very versatile. It can be used when rooting new plants or working with stem cuttings. The formula is also highly recommended for use with those transplanted specimens that you are placing in a garden. Add this nutrient-rich formula to potting mix, soil and a variety of other growing mediums. Wherever you have plants that are growing BioBud can be used to make a difference.


Heavy feedings: Combine a single teaspoon of BioBud with a (1) gallon of H2O and use this mixture to water/feed your plants.

Light feedings: Combine a gallon of H2O and ½ teaspoon of the Biobud Bloom Booster supplement and use the mixture to water/feed your plants.

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