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BioRoot 1-1-1

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BioRoot (Root Booster)

It provides you plants with the enzymes, organic compounds and essential minerals that are needed to develop a strong, healthy root system. The proprietary, all-natural formula includes brewer’s yeast, potassium sulfate, sea kelp, rock phosphate, alfafa and soybean meal.

You can use this product as an additive for plants that are being grown in a wide variety of growing mediums. This product can be used by hydroponic gardeners or add it to garden soil to maximize root development. You can even add it to plants that are being grown in peat, perlite, rice hulls or beds of sphagnum moss.

The roots of a mature plant will find it easier to absorb nutrients when they are provided with this supplement. Young seedlings and new plant cuttings also benefit if it is added to their growing regimen. The formula promotes root development, increases nutrient absorption without sacrificing any of a plant’s important growth and development.

The organic compounds in this liquid formula may even help increase the survival rate of garden transplants, rootings, seedlings and fresh plant cuttings.

User Instructions

  • Add 2 teaspoons of Bioroot liquid to a gallon of water if a heavy feeding is required.

  • Mix a gallon of H2O and a single teaspoon of the product to provide plants with lighter applications of this supplemental root-stimulator.

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