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BioThrive Bloom 2-4-4

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BioThrive Bloom

Don’t take unnecessary chances with your next garden harvest. Help ensure successful crop harvests by giving your plants the precise blend of botanical nutrition they need. Maintain superior levels of health, safety and quality of your flowering plants with BioThrive Bloom.

This formula provides all of your garden crops with the ideal balance of nutrients and compounds to maximize their growth and productivity. Proper application of this supplement feeding will maximize the total yield from both indoor and outdoor garden sites.

A natural blend of pure organic compounds ensures optimal flowering and fruiting which leads to substantial increases in crop production. Use this formula regularly to ensure that you are consistently delivering those essential “growing” elements that all healthy plants need throughout the fruit and flower cycles.

This General Organic product is created specifically for gardeners who demand bountiful blooms and buds from their crops. Not only are the ingredients extracted from natural sources this is also a vegan-approved formulation.

The unique combination of minerals and botanical compounds promote the growth of helpful microbes. These organisms promote healthy root expansion and improves nutrient uptake, particularly during the important stages of plant flowering/fruiting.


Boost garden production with a totally natural, vegan-approved formula. Concentrated plant supplement is ready to use. Just add the correct amount to a gallon of water and then water your plants as usual. When you need to improve the nutrient uptake for your plants this product promotes the growth of needed microbial organisms that target the root systems and increase the rate/level of nutrients that are to be absorbed.


  • Formula includes molasses, soybean meal, zinc, potassium, natural phosphate compounds, copper, sugars and alfalfa. Also includes kelp extracts and humic acids.

  • Targets root systems

  • Accelerates healthy fruit/flower production

  • Available in a variety of sizes (1 pint- 55 gallon barrels)


  • All-in-one product

  • Cost Effective

  • Pre-mixed (just add to the water you are using for your garden plants)

  • Safe, natural formula even meets the requirements of vegan guidelines


  • Combine this nutritional plant supplement with a variety of growing mediums including soil, rockwool, perlite and potting mixtures.

  • Add 2- 4 teaspoons of the formula to each gallon of H2O. The amount of formula used will depend on whether the plants require a light feeding or a more intensive supplemental feeding.

  • Can be used each time you water your plants

  • For best results your prepared growing medium should contain adequate levels of calcium.

Scope of Use

  • Intended to spur the growth of blossoms, buds, seeds and fruit

  • Use as directed during fruiting and flowering phases

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