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General Organics BioWeed

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General Organics BioWeed

It’s a concentrated vitality booster, which contains a huge variety of plant nutrients and growth regulators.


  • Provides many growth elements and enzymes including gibberellins and cytokinins

  • Made from 100% nutrient-rich seaweed/kelp extract

  • It’s a stress-inhibiting plant and soil booster

  • It's cold-processed and natural

  • Composed of non-flora food ingredients

  • Boosts the flowering and fruiting processes

  • Contains up to 70 different plant foods and supplements including, proteins and minerals (Nitrogen and Potassium)

  • Enhances plant vigor and performance, and leaf color


Mix 2.5-5 ml or 0.5-1 tablespoon of BioWeed per gallon of water. Apply the mixture while watering the plants during the growth and transition phases — the first four weeks after planting. Use chlorinated water to achieve optimal results without necessarily adjusting the pH.

Note: It is highly recommended as a plant and soil booster for cuttings and transplants to stimulate rooting.

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General Organics

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