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CaMg+ (Calcium Magnesium Supplement)

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CaMg+ (Calcium Magnesium Supplement)

Calcium magnesium is recommended for transplanting and new cuttings.

A natural source of calcium and magnesium which are essential elements for your plants growing requirements. Biologically catalyzed from natural plant extracts, dolomite lime and oyster shell. The use of these organic compounds increase the transportation of calcium and magnesium to your plants while ensuring they have an optimized metabolism.

You will experience an increase in growth while your plants grow healthier fruits and flowers. THis product is as a standalone fertilizer whenever sources of calcium such as oyster sell are available in your potting soil or when dealing with hard water that contains large amounts of calcium.

When using RO / reverse osmosis water which have no calcium or in hydroponic applications, it is recommended that you use CaMg+ and also BioThrive in order to receive all the required nutrients for impressive plant growth.

Directions for use in light feeding applications include adding 1tsp of CaMg+ to every gallon of water and when used in a heavy feeding schedule it is recommended that you add 2tsp of CaMg+ for every gallon of water

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