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General Hydroponics FloraNova Grow 7-4-10

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Flora Nova Grow

Plants experience rapid stages of growth during the early stages of their development cycles. Delicate root fibers and tender stems need energy and nutrients to fuel these periods of furious cellular activity.

To help seedlings and other young plants establish healthy roots, strong stems and lush leaves you should be adding FloraNova Grow to those regular feedings. This General Hydroponics formula is designed to deliver an abundance of all-important growth enhancers that will keep your plants happy and healthy.

  • You can use this convenient liquid fertilizer with any soil/soil-free growing medium.

  • Add it to outdoor garden soil

  • Combine it with regular hydroponic feedings

  • Add it to the supplements that you use in your grow-room

  • Boost the growth/survivability rate of fragile seedlings/transplants/cuttings

  • The pH balanced formula will benefit all indoor/outdoor/solarium plants.

  • The concentrated liquid is designed for easy absorption and effective performance in all environments.

Standard Directions

  • Combine FloraNova Grow (1/2-3 teaspoons or 2.5-15 cc) with a full gallon of H2O.

  • Regularly add the recommended amount of liquid to your plants throughout those growth/development cycles.

  • Should be used during the developmental growing periods that occur prior to fruiting/flowering; can also use on plants during the first 5-10 transitional days (after transplanting/repotting/rooting)

* Although this product provides all of the nutrients and minerals required for growth and development a “bloom-boosting” supplement (such as FloraNova Bloom) should be added when the plants are ready to flower, or set fruit.

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