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Goof Plug Rack

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Goof Plugs for Drip Irrigation

Water lines used in hydroponic gardens are frequently being changed, re-configured and disassembled. These polyethylene tubes are flexible, lightweight and affordable. The construction provides versatility that gardeners can appreciate. Just cut, adjust, trim and puncture the poly-tubes to suit the filtering unit and hydroponic equipment that is being used. In many instances the addition of extra puncture sites means that the tubing can be linked to more equipment and accessories.

At the same time it only takes a minuscule miscalculation to render a length of tube inoperable. If holes are being punctured in the wrong location then the tubing will leak and the water pressure will not be correct. Tape is often used in an attempt to repair the damage, but the leaks are still going to develop. Most gardeners just accept this inevitability and toss the tubing into the garbage.

Instead of wasting money Hydroflow has created it that can remedy the situation. These are small barbed "fillers" that can be inserted directly into any unwanted tubing puncture. The barbed design will keep the plug from becoming dislodged. You can then continue to use the tubing. Save money and save time when you keep this product close at hand. 10 plugs are attached to each rack.

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