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Green Eart Dolomitic Lime

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Green Earth Dolomitic Lime

Counter acid pH levels in your garden with applications of Green Earth Dolomotic Lime. Many plants require alkaline soil for proper growth. Add desirable soil nutrients while adjusting highly acidic pH readings. The fast-acting pelletized formula provides the organic neutralizer necessary to reduce high pH values that threaten your crops. The continuous release of lime gently balances the soil and helps your plants thrive. Natural fertilizing compounds add minerals and food for growing plants. Use with veggies, flowering plants and lawn grasses to promote neutral or alkaline soil readings.

Experienced growers understand the value of organic lime for plants that thrive in neutral/alkaline pH environments. Green Earth offers garden lime in an easy to use pellet formula. Apply to your garden and you can enrich the nutrient value of the soil while reducing highly acidic pH values.


  • Simple to apply

  • Pellet formula delivers continual release of nutrient compounds/organic lime

  • Lasts up to 60 days

  • Canadian manufactured


  • Totally organic formula

  • Combines plant fertilizer with soil-neutralizing lime

  • Economical

  • Excellent for alkaline loving plants

  • May be used with edibles, non-edible plants and ornamentals


  • Follow label instructions

  • Apply directly to the soil

  • Use this granular formula wherever soil neutralization is desired

 Uses: Designed to neutralize acidic soils.  Intended to neutralize and reduce highly acid soil while providing essential fertilizing compounds to growing plants.

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