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Grodan Gro-Wool (Absorbent Granulate)

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Grodan Gro-Wool (Absorbent Granulate)

CA$ 77.15

This absorbent granulate is perfect for growing plants which require much water; especially those growing in containers. It can support house plants with only a single watering every two to four weeks.

When growing plants in clay pots, it is advised to mix it in Gro-wool to make water and nutrient distribution more uniform and to have a moisture buffer in case the water pump fails.

Grodan growool promotes vigorous plant growth as they enhance fine root growth.

If using a drain-to-water system of watering the plants then one need no condition the pH of the gro wool but just thoroughly saturate the gro-wool with a pH 5.5 nutrient solution.

The brand of rock wool can be used on its own as a potting mix, or rather it can be combined with any other potting mix to improve aeration and water holding capacity. Also, in a sandy garden, it can be added to enhance the water holding capacity of the soil.

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CA$ 77.15

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