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Grodon Grotop Expert Slab

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Grodan Rockwool Slab (Rapid Rooting)

The slab features a fibrous structure that significantly promotes root penetration uniformly throughout the slab which in turn leads to uniform distribution of roots. Moreover, the roots develop to great color and quality thus laying an excellent foundation for plants that are well-equipped and resistant to disease pathogens.


  • It is a clean product with no harmful bacteria or pollutants.

  • The slab does not release or lock up any substances which mean that plants access all the nutrients and water.

  • It makes it easy to steer and control the growth of each crop leading to significantly higher yields as compared to a soil-bound alternative.

  • Specially designed to increase uniformity and irrigation efficiency, and can be recycled.

  • It increases the EC and WC control range making it easy to steer plants towards the desired direction.

It is possible to adjust water content quickly in any of the crops’ growing phase. A 70% re-saturation rate can still be achieved even after the water content drops significantly offering exceptional grower security.

All in all, the Grotop Expert slab assures gardeners of vegetative growth through rapid rooting. More roots combined with a uniform distribution enable the plants to absorb nutrients and water effectively resulting in consistent and fast growth power from the start of the cultivation period to the end, impressive thickness of stems, and a high flowering height.

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Manufacturer Grodan