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Grotek Black Pearl Soil Enhancer

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Grotek Black Pearl (Soil Enhancer)

Black Pearl helps promote root and shoot growth by regulating the physiological processes of numerous plants. Has the ability to improve a plants tolerance to many stresses which include cold temperatures as well as drought

It helps plants to achieve early growth in the spring months while also increasing the plants growth throughout times of extreme heat in summer months. Black Pearl organic content improves growth rates of plants but is still only a supplement.

Black Pearl has shown remarkable results with Balcony Charm Tomatoes with early opening flowers correlating with early ripening fruits giving farmers a market advantage.

Trial work conducted in 2010 showed a need for the development of more specif and new hypotheses that increased levels of replication the following year which tried to understand what mechanisms made Black Pearl so effective

Quickfire Transplant tips:. For aa quick boost through transplant, simply put one Tbsp below the transplanted root ball. No need to worry about burning roots as the ingredients are essential for plant growth.

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