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Grotek Kick Start

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Grotek Kick Start

Any plant deserves a kick-start during those crucial growing cycles. With Grotek Kick Start Early Growth Solution you can provide crops with a safe boost of concentrated growing power. This formula is composed with low feed ratios that are tailored to optimize overall development. Feed this liquid nutrition to plants and promote healthier growth, especially during the stages when early development is occurring. The gentle combination of selected nutrient compounds are ideal for use with young transplants, fresh cuttings and seedlings.

Choose Kick Start for healthy and more vigorous plants. Mild and gentle formula safely nurtures fragile and immature plant specimens during those critical weeks of early growth and development. Excellent and versatile mixture can be used with hydroponic gardens, traditional soils, peat, cocoa and other soil-less growing mediums.


  • Special formula designed to meet the needs of early growth cycles

  • Easy to dilute and apply

  • Low nutrient ratio provides optimal growth food for young plants

  • Mild formula safe for a variety of uses in the garden/greenhouse


  • Promotes active, thriving growth for developing plants

  • Selected formula is ideal to use with transplants and young cuttings

  • Gentle formula designed to maximize¬† early plant development

  • Generous quart sized container (32 ounces of concentrated formula)

  • Cost-effective for small, large and commercial gardening purposes


  • Follow the directions on the product label

  • Combine with warm water (70-80F)

  • Stir or shake to distribute formula evenly

  • Soak soil or other growth medium with the mixture

  • May repeat applications in 3-5 days

  • Continue applying the formula until your crops have reached more mature development when richer nutrient formulas can be used

  • *If using in soil-free or hydroponic settings combine 2 tablespoons of the liquid concentrate per 1 gallon of H2O

Uses: Intended to foster maximum plant development during earliest growth stages. Designed as a gentle and safe nutrient mixture that meets the specialized growth demands of fresh plant transplants, fresh cuttings, seedlings and other immature plant specimens.

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