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Grotek Rootmax

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Grotek Rootmax

Grotek Rootmax is formulated with unique ingredients that are exclusively limited to this product. This thick gel contains 0.3% I.B.A in a cellulose gel suspension. 0.3% I.B.A is a hormone associated with enhanced rooting processes in plants.

It is designed to enhance the rooting process of plant cuttings by increasing root length and branching. The number of root hairs also increases thereby culminating in an increased root mass. This not only aids in uptake of nutrients but also reduces the stress that a young plant experiences during its early days of growth and development. This, therefore, is an excellent vitality booster that kick starts and maintains optimal plant growth.

The specific results:

  • New root growth

  • Increased development of lateral roots; this is called branching

  • The length of all roots increases

  • New fine root hairs grow

It helps propagations easy and stress-free for any grower since plant cuttings take root and grow in a short time when the product is used.

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