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Growstone Hydroponic Growing Medium

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Growstone Hydroponic Substrate

Plant roots require more than mere nutrients. You need to give them a balanced mix of moisture and air. Provide ideal concentrations of air and water for hydroponic plants with these quality substrates. An all-in-one growth medium these quality engineered growing stones will help you produce healthier, more vigorous plants.

Use Growstone Hydroponic aggregates as unique, nurturing platforms for your flowers, fruit, ornamentals, veggies and herbaceous plantings. The substrate is the perfect companion for hydroponic gardens where growers can pair it with automatic, EBT or manual irrigation systems. Growstone Hydroponic Substrate is also adaptable for use with NFT watering systems. Specifically designed to deliver optimum mixtures of moisture and air that have been proven to boost the effectiveness and efficiency of hydroponic gardens.

With Growstones you provide an excellent balance of water/air content for garden crops. This growing medium is designed to maintain high levels of both air-porosity and water retention. The substrate contains a combination of micro/macro pores. Larger pores allow irrigating liquids to flow and drain freely while the smaller openings are able to retain valuable water for the plant roots to absorb as needed.  The substrate even helps eliminate carbon dioxide and promotes oxygenation to further boost plant health and vigor.


  • Drain and re-wet plant roots with ease

  • Moisture is easily absorbed by plants

  • Contains recycled materials that are free from plant diseases and weeds

  • Sustainable growing medium


  • Consistent results in hydroponic/aquaponic/greenhouse settings

  • Lightweight

  • Adaptable for a wide range of plants

  • Designed to retain more oxygen and water than leading competitors

  • Reusable

  • Does not promote growth of weeds

  • Sterile growing medium boosts plant/crop yields

Directions: Follow the instructions provided. The substrate can be adjusted to suit the size, type and number of plants that are being grown.

Uses: Intended to promote healthier, heavier harvests, especially in hydroponic gardens.

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Grow Stone

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