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Sealable Foil Pouch

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Heat Sealable Foil Pouches

Foil pouches are small bags that can make a huge difference when it comes to storing seeds. Every gardener knows that keeping the seeds sealed in a small bag is very important, especially when they have to be kept sealed for a longer period of time, such as from autumn up until spring of next year, when they will be ready to be planted.

The sealable foil pouches thus become highly important and considering the fact that they are small, compact and made out of strong materials that do not deteriorate over time, they can be easily stored in drawers and opened when the seeds are ready to be put in the soil.


  • Small and compact and despite their appearance, depending on the size of the seeds stored in them, they can fit a lot of them.

  • Usually custom made, so the dimensions are up to the customer.

  • Made out of mylar, a form of polyester resin that has been modified in order to make it heat resistant or out of laminated material – PET VMPET + PE.

  • Air tight, perfect for storing seeds, but can also be used for storing items that require air tight sealable compartments such as drugs, herbs and food.

  • Tamper proof, meaning they can be sealed with intense heat, a very useful feature when it comes to storing items that require an air tight environment.

  • Light resistant, the material they are made of being opaque, thus not allowing light to pass through it and heat the items inside.

  • Moisture free and smell proof, again, features that can prove to be quite important when it comes to storing plant seeds over winter.

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