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Ushio Opti Blue HiLUX GRO MH Lamps

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Opti Blue HiLUX GRO MH Lamp

Alternate name of this lamp is horticulture grow light. Every super metal halide bulb exudes optimal amounts of blue and red spectrum light.

This MH lamp come in a range of 400w to 1000w according to their energy consumption. The lesser wattage makes it an energy saving grow bulb thus cutting on costs incurred in power bills. From 400w to 1000w the super high metal halide light has maximized the output of both the red and blue spectral range of light.

The conversion bulb is engineered to for use with any ANSI high pressure coded ballast.

Benefits: Opti blue Hilux grow MH lamp has the highest output of blue spectrum which helps to maximize both branching and vegetative growth of plants. They outdo any other metal halide grow light.

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Manufacturer Ushio