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Hose Punch 1/8 Inch

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Hose Punch 1/8 inch

CA$ 1.60

The hose punch in our store has a revolutionary design, unlike traditional hose punches. This makes ideal for present day farming practices. This product punches holes into hoses that are being used in diverse irrigation systems.

Merely punching holes in a tubing won’t work well. You need to take into account issues of water flow patterns in the tubing. This particular hose punch, however, is designed to navigate some of the limitations of punching holes on tubing for irrigation purposes. The device is engineered to punch holes of uniform sizes. The holes are also punched in a way that uniform flow is achieved past each hole. All punched holes are thus similar in all aspects. Water consequently drips evenly from all of the outlet holes.

The punch is easy to use and has a durable construction meaning that its resourcefulness will remain with you for years.

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CA$ 1.60

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