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Amino Treatment

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Amino Treatment

House and Garden Brand’s Amino Treatment is a product that encourages the development of roots, vegetative growth in plants, and the production of fruits and flowers. This top-secret blend keeps on astonishing even the most experienced gardeners. The product resulted from several years of working in a greenhouse. It is manufactured from silicate among other active ingredients. The Amino Treatment (0.1-0-0.6) contains high quality amino acids and silica that help in achieving the desired results.

What it Does:

Amino treatment will improve the quantity as well as the quality of your yields. The product has a well-balance complex of ingredients including tiny silicate particles that have a smaller size in comparison to those found in normal silicon. The solution also comes with an exclusive natural flowering and growth stimulator that is extracted from the seeds of plants.

The use of amino treatment will allow your plants to add a buffer to the seeds. This is a type of plant base that has amino acids and quality enzymes that stimulate growth, root development, and formation of fruits in a very powerful manner.

Scope of Use:

Use of this treatment enhances the level of distribution of nutrients in the leaves, stronger stalks, high photosynthesis ratio, and enhanced root activity. The crops will produce more fruits that have a high sugar content. Therefore, amino treatment is ideal for flowering and profuse growth.

Direction of Use:

Mix 0.8 – 3.8 millimeters of this solution in every gallon or 0.2 to 1ML per liter. Add this solution to your feed water from the 2nd week of the vegetative stage and continue applying up to three weeks before you harvest your crops.

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