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House and Garden Bio 1 Component

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Bio 1 Component

Bio 1 Component is an organic based, single part fertilizer that is tailored for soil that is modified with lime. One of the factors that is making this product to become recognized as a market leader is its simplicity of use. This formulation has all the necessary nutrients and minerals that plants require in their flowering and vegetative stages.

It is specifically designed for soil that has lime. The fertilizer does not have calcium and you must add it whenever you are switching to bloom. This soil liquid formulation is 100 percent soluble in water and it has a unique composition that helps in transferring nutrients from the zone of the root to the foliage. You can adjust the application dosage from both aggrieve and normal strengths.

This product does not have any bulking elements like is the case with solid fertilizers. It is manufactured from high quality pure nutrients that are readily available in the market. it enables plants to absorb nutrients in a fast and more efficient manner. The fertilizer gives your plants the essential nutrients that produce very large crops that have superior flavors and aromas.


This fertilizer is manufactured from magnesium sulfate, potassium oxide, nitric acid, phosphoric acid, magnesium nitrate, and ammonium nitrate.

Application and Dosage

Add calcium to this product during the flowering stages. Fill the nutrients container with two thirds of water and then add the Bio 1 component before circulating well. Use the PH + (up) or PH – (down) to harmonize the nutrient’s PH value. Add any flowering, growth, or root stimulators to the solution and then water the nutrient mixture. Begin the application in the growth cycle with EC 1.2 and follow the grow schedule to increase steadily till the bloom comes to an end and then wind up the EC with approximately 2.0.

Follow the instructions that are provided on the feeding chat for dosing in hydroponic and soil systems. Use 1 to 5ml of the solution per liter of water depending on the growth stage and plant size.

Note: You may have heard several things with other plant nutrients but you should never use a growth table or oxygen pump container. It may have dire consequences for the nutrient’s stability.

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