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House and Garden Bud XL

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Bud XL

Bud XL has an exclusive ability of extracting sugars from plant leaves and transferring them to the roots. This improves the taste of the fruits by making them sweeter. This also enhances the robustness and size of the flowers which leads to greater turnover and high production of fruits.

It is basically a late bloom flowering enhancer that enables sugar extraction from bracts and carries them to fruits to achieve sweeter and bigger yields. It's additives and ingredients are manufactured from food grade and/or pharmaceutical ingredients that come in small batches to make sure that there is consistency in experience and quality.

House and Garden makes use of enzyme processes in extracting sugars from large bracts so that they can be stored in the flowers and fruits of the crop. Start applying the Bud XL from the fourth week which is the middle of the crop’s flowering period. You can begin to apply this nutrient solution after the formation of the first flowers. At this period, the big bracts normally lose their function. It makes sure that the plant no longer uses its energy to keep the bract. Instead, the energy is directed to the production of fruits and flowers.

Application and Dosage

Mix 1ml of Bud-XL to one liter of the nutritional solution. Apply it from the beginning of the sixth week up to the close of the rearing cycle. The dilution rate of this fertilizer is 1ml per liter. First, add the base nutrient (e.g. soil, hydro, or Cocos) to the nutrient container. Adjust your nutrient’s EC before adding the Bud XL. Also, adjust the value of the PH so that it can harmonize with the nutritional solution.


It include potassium hydroxide, nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate.

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