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House and Garden Roots Excelurator

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Roots Excelurator

Root excelurator from House and Garden premium additives and nutrients is applied in both soil and hydroponic systems with an intention of providing specialized nutrition for the optimal growth of roots. It is one of the leading and most popular root stimulating products you can find in the market. It works by providing the perfect condition that supports the growth or roots. Healthy roots result into healthy and more productive plants.

The roots of your plants form a vital component of the ecosystem in the ground. They provide a link between all activities that take beneath the surface and the upper section of the plant. Roots play a vital role in the growth process and greatly influence the structure of the soil and feeding the soil life. Better rooting leads to better soil structure and hence improved soil life. This will allow the plants to absorb nutrients with a lot of ease leading to an excellent yield. A healthy rooting system will ultimately influence the quality and quantity of results.

The product is packaged in a golden aluminum canister so as to preserve the beneficial biology ingredients that are in the product. You can use root accelerator during the early flowering and vegetative stages of growth. No other root excelurator in the market is as powerful as this one from House and Garden brand.

This product makes sure that there is an explosive germination of roots, removes any brown roots from plants, eliminates roots diseases, and offers an excellent root environment or rhizosphere in the Coco medium or soil.

This formulation will create a film around the roots and forms some kind of a membrane. It drives away harmful germs and diseases off the root zone and allows an excellent absorption of crop nutrients. It also isolates all the germs in the root zone and blocks them from reproducing and this enhances the overall health of your plants.

Application and Dosage

Mix 1.1 ml of roots excerlurator in every water gallon in the nutritional solution. Administer the solution in all feedings in the first two weeks during the rearing cycle. Mixing at 1.1 ml per gallon of water makes roots excelurator to be the most cost effective rooting agent for every gallon of feeding water available in the market.

You need to apply this product during the first five growth weeks. Add the base nutrient such as soil, hydro, or Cocos to the nutrient container that has water. Make sure that the PH values and EC values are correct. You can now add the product to your container ready for administering. The nutritional container is now ready for the first watering session.   

Main Ingredients

The primary ingredients of roots excelurator include potassium hydroxide and ammonium nitrate.


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