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LifeSpring CSW500 : Portable Sea Water Desalination System (500 GPD)

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LifeSpring CSW500 (Portable Water Purifier)

CA$ 17,380.00

The LifeSpring SW500 offers convenience, affordability and powerful performance in one compact unit. This innovative water filtration system has the ability to eliminate all inorganic chemical contaminants and 98% of unwanted bacterial contaminants. Effective against contaminant particles as small as.001 microns in size.

Handling capability of 40,000 ppm will serve the needs of most gardens.  Produces 500Gallons per/day of purified water with refined reverse osmosis processes

Portable Filtration on Demand

  • Compact design

  • Lightweight construction

  • Sturdy casing can absorb bumps, scuffs and rough handling.

  • Self-contained components

  • Completely portable system weighs less than 100 pounds, making it easy for 2 persons to lift, transport and set-up.


  • Stainless steel pumping mechanism (designed to produce90-120 psi) is fully submersible. Can extract the fresh H2O you need from ocean water, brine deposits and other saline-rich water sources.

  • Separate components can be added to boost pre-filtration performance.

  • System includes a brine energy recovery pump capable of boosting system performance by a mathematical factor of 10. Use of this component adds the power necessary for complete removal of high levels of saline.

  • Operate with solar, battery or AC/generator power.

  • *Requires optional conversion unit to use AC power


  • Use fresh water to flood membranes.

  • If you notice a decrease in system performance you should flush with a mixture of Propylene Glycol and H2O. (Use 8 ounces of propylene glycol and 3 gallons of H2O for the flushing mixture.)

  • *Use the same prescribed mixture to flush the system if it has been unused for 5+days.


  • Submersible Lorentz pumping mechanism

  • Dual Membranes(thin-film construction 2.5x21 inches)

  • 99.5 percent TDS rejection rate

  • 43.2 kg/95 pounds-total unit weight

  • 1893 liters per day/500 gallons per day capacity

  • Power Capacity Requirements: 9 amperes/48 v Direct Current Power Supply; 600w (50-60HZ); 110-220 Alternating Current

  • Compact Dimensions: 13.5 inches in height; 32.5 inches width and 20.5 inches deep

  • *Solar power operational rate will depend upon weather, sun and climate factors.

  • *Performance measurements calculated on 24 hour study of RO membranes involving 77degree F temperature; 120 PSIg; 35K ppm saline strength and a 10 percent rate of recovery.


  • Maximum (levels of) Total Dissolved Solid Particulates- 48K parts per million

  • Turbidity factor of less than 1 NTU

  • Maximum System Gauge Pressures: .69Mpa/ 100 psi (0.69 MPa)

  • Operating Pressure: (0.55-0.69 MPa) or 80-100 psi

  • Continuous Chlorine(Maximum Level) less than 0.1 ppm

  • SDI (silt density index) less than 5

  • Maximum Temperatures-not to exceed 38 degrees Centigrade or 100°F

  • Operational pH (2-11)

  • Zero (0 parts per million) Mg, Fe, and Hydrogen Sulfide

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CA$ 17,380.00

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