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HydroLogic Stealth RO100/200 Replacement Membrane

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Stealth RO100/200 Replacement Membrane

Hydrologic stealth RO100 or 200 water filtration systems use reverse osmosis membrane filters to filter water at a microscopic level. Through this system, most molecules, however small, are filtered out of the water. The system thus produces the purest water achievable through filtration processes.

Water contains numerous suspensions and sediments. Consequently, RO membranes in your filter will eventually become clogged. When the membrane gets clogged, the water pressure drops and the flow of water in the water system slows down. The ability of the system to produce water may also be significantly impaired.

It is recommended that the membrane on hydrologic stealth systems be replaced every 6 months or at least yearly. The membranes may also be replaced on demand on an ‘as needed’ basis. We have the standard replacement membranes for stealth RO100 and RO200 systems. These membranes can be power flushed to removed buildup and increase their longevity.

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