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HydroLogic Stealth RO200 1:1 Ratio Flow Restrictor

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Stealth RO200 1:1 Ratio Flow Restrictor

Even the most efficient RO system will produce a significant amount of waste water. About 4 gallons of waste water are produced for every gallon of purified water produced by the system. Wasting water is both expensive and undesirable. Therefore, it is recommended that one endeavors to make the RO systems work optimally with enhanced efficiency to reduce the amount of water wasted.

It considerably boost the performance of a reverse osmosis water purifier thereby reducing the water:waste ratio to as low as 1:1 when used with the Stealth RO200 system. Cumulatively, it will save no less than 50% of the drain water. This is because the restrictor is constructed using unique technology the streamlines the process of purifying water through reverse osmosis.

Note: With this product life of the reverse osmosis membranes in your systems is reduced significantly. Therefore, this product is not recommended for systems where the source water is more than 300 PPM.

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