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Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Bloom 4-3-6

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Organic Iguana Juice Bloom 4-3-6

Give your garden plants a natural burst of “blooming” energy with regular doses of Organic Iguana Juice Bloom (4-3-6). The nutrient-rich formula is ideal when you want to increase plant yield and improve overall plant health. This product has been specifically created for gardeners who choose natural plant supplements to feed their crops.

No-sludge formula combines pure botanical extracts, plant sugars and other essential “growth compounds” that match the developmental needs of organically grown plants. Fuels spectacular growth and promotes abundant blooms in a wide array of plants.  Ingredients include worm castings, seaweed, fish meal and alfalfa.


This is an organically based supplement that overcomes those issues commonly noted with the use of many “organic fertilizer products”. The liquid concentrate has a non-offensive odor and it is simple to mix and apply.  The 4-3-6 formula also offers a potent blend of the specific growth agents required for maximum crop production.

Due to the lack of carbonate compounds this concentrated plant supplement does not elevate the pH reading for growing mediums. Quick dilution makes it possible for the micronutrients to be absorbed rapidly by hungry root systems.  Eliminates that unwanted sludge and slime build-up that often occurs when organic garden supplements are used. This simple and cost-effective fertilizing agent consistently provides optimal plant nutrition in a variety of gardening environments.


  • Boosts health of plants

  • Improves nutrient-uptake

  • Promotes rapid absorption, transport and metabolism of essential plant nutrients

  • Affordable concentrate designed for regular garden use

  • No chemical phosphate additives

  • 100% organic ingredients

  • No unpleasant odors

  • Easy to use

  • Combine with any growing medium, including garden soil, potting mix, hydroponics, NFT and other soil-free environments

  • 4-3-6 (High levels of nitrogen, phosphate and phosphorous) + essential plant sugars and crucial micro-nutrients

  • Advantages

  • Carbonate-free formula

  • Ultra-concentrated liquid provides added value for the dollar

  • Readily diluted with H2O

  • Can be used in any garden setting (indoor/outdoor/hydroponics /etc)

  • No unpleasant fragrance

  • Ingredients are pre-cleaned and undergo a quadruple (processing/deodorizing/cleaning) process prior to utilization

  • Guaranteed to work (100% satisfaction or your money will be refunded by the company)

  • Available in wide range of sizes to suit any gardening need


  • Simply measure the amount needed and mix with water.

  • Apply whenever you are watering your plants.

  • Label directions specify the exact amount of concentrate necessary for supplemental feedings

  • *Standard measurement is 3.5 ml for each quart of H2O you are planning to use

Scope of Use

Intended for use during the active growth and blossoming stages of plant development. Designed to spur massive blooms/buds/blooms and fruit. Will also help plants develop more intense beauty, taste and fragrance.

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