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Advanced Nutrients Iguana Juice Grow 3-1-3

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Organic Iguana Juice Grow 3-1-3

Create a stunning, healthy garden with the addition of Organic Iguana Juice GROW 3-1-3. Stop settling for poor harvests. Build the gardens of your dreams. Enjoy watching your crops thrive and mature at incredibly rapid rates.

This nitrogen rich formula is versatile enough to be used in every gardening site. Consistent and correct usage will spur the development of lush greenery and stronger plants with extensive rooting systems. Provides the “growth” compounds that fuels rapid cellular development early in the plant’s life-cycle. Versatile plant nutrient formula that keeps pace with the ferocious energy demands of fast-growing plants.

Organic ingredients are efficiently delivered directly to the roots where these botanical supplements can be absorbed and transported throughout all of the stems, leaves and branches. Regular applications of this concentrated fertilizer results in stellar rates of plant growth and astounding harvests. Help your garden plants achieve their full potential and reap the rewards of successful yields once those crops reach full maturity


Your search for the ultimate, organic plant growth supplement begins and ends with the superior performance of this patented formula. Provides readily absorbable nutrients which include phosphorous, nitrogen and potassium

Offering a stellar blend of natural compounds, micronutrients and organic growth agents this plant supplement is guaranteed to out-perform the competition. Feed your garden those potent natural extracts that will fuel optimal growth and development. Builds healthier plants and helps generate thick, lush foliage.


  • Premium natural components

  • Extremely effective in all garden settings

  • Instantly improves transfer of nutrients to the entire plant

  • Promotes accelerated root and cellular development of all garden plants

  • No offensive odors

  • Economical

  • Provides high concentration of seaweed extracts

  • Product includes natural volcanic ash

  • Improves harvest yields

  • Potent nutrient value that accelerates development and maturity of garden plants

  • Guano extracts are all cleansed and purified to remove noxious smells and odors

  • Deodorized formula is pleasant to work with indoors or outdoors

  • Contaminants are removed to further boost the nutrient value of the supplement

  • Does not create sludge in the growing mediums

  • 3-1-3 mixture focuses on the delivery of nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium needed by actively growing plants

  • Can be used for every garden environment including aeroponic gardens and hydroponic growing environments


  • Available in multiple sizes-(1L, 4L and 10L containers)

  • Easy to blend with water

  • 70 nutrients and minerals for optimal growth

  • Cost-effective fertilizer agent for dedicated organic gardens

  • Speeds up cellular metabolism and promotes quicker rate of maturity for all plants

  • Backed by a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

  • Takes your organic gardening yield to the next level

  • Only quality organic ingredients are used in this formula


  • Simply measure the required amount of liquid concentrate and add to water.

  • Apply per your regular garden watering schedule

Scope of Use

This product is designed for use during active growth phases.

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