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EcoPlus Illuminated Microscope 30X

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Illuminated Microscope (30X & 60x -100x)

Don’t limit your visual inspections of crops being grown indoors. Those growing plants could harbor problems small enough to escape cursory glances. Tiny insects such as mites and aphids could already be present without your knowledge. Now you can accurately assess the condition, appearance and physical health of your greenhouse plants with sharper vision and exacting clarity.

This convenient microscope is designed for use in gardens and greenhouses. It offers adjustable magnification strengths of 30x/60x and 100X so that you can clearly identify the presence of unwanted pests and uncover the earliest signs of diseases that could potentially harm your carefully nurtured crops. The smallest details are easily observed with this lightweight, illuminated microscope.

Three lens settings provide multiple magnification options that deliver exacting details regarding the health and condition of greenhouse plants. With proper use a grower is able to use the microscope as a helpful tool to identify the smallest garden pest and assess plant damage or signs of plant disease.


  • 3 different zoom selections (30X/60X/100X)

  • Lightweight

  • Portable

  • Illumination for superior clarity in dimly lit conditions


  • Choice of 30X, 60X and 100X magnification strengths

  • User friendly-needs no special skills

  • Transport anywhere indoors or outdoors

  • LED illumination for enhanced viewing

  • No assembly required

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SKU EP1999
Manufacturer EcoPlus