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Iluminar X2R Master Controller

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Iluminar X2R Master Controller

You don’t have to install a costly light control box to control the day and night cycles of your garden. X2R is manufactured using reliable and proven mature technologies that anyone can rely on. It serves you well in comparison to other controllers on the market that have the same features but cost thousands of dollars.

This system allows to control the schedule of your lighting and other electronic devices use to control the grow room.


  • Sunset or sunrise setting

  • Easy installation

  • You don’t need a switch board

  • Dual temperature probe inputs

  • Each single X2R unit controls up to 160 ballasts

  • Auto shutting down at the set temperature

  • Power surge protection

  • Shows output in percentage or watts

  • Auto-dim at the set temperature

  • Safe and easy installation

  • Can control up to 160 units automatically

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SKU IM3217
Manufacturer Iluminar


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