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VentsUS VK-U Series (In-line Centrifugal Fans)

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Inline Centrifugal Fan

Designed to boost the quality, circulation and movement of air via being processed via supply and exhaust ventilation systems. The inline centrifugal exhaust fan (Vents VKM) series are equipped to enhance the air stream speed by using specially designed impellers. The high-tech design makes it possible to provide your crops with an efficient, higher-quality flow of air.

As the rotating blades (impellers) move their actions produce kinetic energy. This forceful source of natural energy increases air stream pressure and greatly accelerates the radial movement of air and gaseous substances. This results in stronger streams of air being propelled through the ventilation systems and out into the enclosed areas.

The VENTS VKM fan has been specially designed to operate both quietly and efficiently. The airflow direction can also be changed (up to 90 degrees) and directed to the growing areas where better circulation is most desired. The outer casing has been constructed with polymer-coated steel which makes it possible to use either indoors or outdoors.

With these inline centrifugal fan units it is possible for indoor growers to efficiently boost air circulation. These fans have a relatively simple design and are easily installed into most existing duct systems.  Improve the air quality, control indoor pollution and maximize the productivity and health of your indoor crops. The constant air displacement makes these units the ideal choice for use in commercial greenhouses and other industrial settings.  A variety of cost-effective models are available and you can select the unit that is most appropriate for your greenhouse/grow-room.


  • Offers consistent air displacement to maximize flow of circulation and air quality

  • Fans designed with impellers that curve backwards

  • External equipped rotors

  • Protective design to prevent over-heating of fan motor

  • Easy installation

  • Simple to operate

  • Minimal noise volume

  • Sturdy design

  • Designed to provide customers with years of reliable use

  • Automatic fan-restart

  • **The E model units are specifically engineered to suit consumers who want to purchase equipment with lower energy demands.

  • Balanced turbine performance and assembly


  • 1 control can be used to operate several fan units (that are connected to each other)

  • Fan motor has single-phase design

  • Cost-effective

  • Choice of unit models

  • Maximum capacity of VKM 100 is 270 cubic meters (of air volume) per hour

  • Casing constructed from durable steel

  • Technical modifications make the units compatible for high-power usage

  • Polymeric material is used to coat the exterior casing

  • Smoother speed control (step design)


  • Follow the written instructions (included) regarding proper wiring and installation.

  • Able to mount the fans to a ceiling or a wall (multiple angle options)

  • Unit purchase includes instructions and mounting brackets


  • Intended to improve the efficiency and performance of the ventilation/circulation systems (exhaust/supply) that are used by serious growers and large, commercial greenhouses

  • Although these units are generally utilized in enclosed environments they can be installed and used in outdoor grow areas if desired.

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