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Advanced Nutrient Jungle Juice Bloom 2-Part

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Jungle Juice Bloom 2-Part (A & B)

Create more profitable harvest yields by promoting the growth of vigorous garden plants. With Jungle Juice you can deliver the specific nutrients plants need to attain their maximum level of growth and productivity.  This Advanced Nutrients plant supplement is designed as two separate and complementary formulas. Part B targets the growth of blooming and flower structures. Use both A and B to provide a full menu of growth-stimulating nutrients.

Jungle Juice 2-Part is a unique gardening supplement that provides quality nutrition for all plant species. Natural minerals boost the growth of root systems. Designated botanical agents enhance the uptake and absorption of health-sustaining nutrients. Crucial bio-active compounds help generate maximum internode development. You will soon be harvesting heavier and more impressive crop yields with less work and effort.

This product does not interfere with the pH levels that you maintain in your garden.  It works in any environment and naturally helps improve plant resistance to stress and adverse weather conditions.  You can use the concentrate as an accompaniment to your preferred fertilizers and nutrient supplements. The combination will ramp up active growth and spur the formation of larger, healthier buds and blooms.

This formula uses chelation to encapsulate the molecules of growth-enabling compounds. This natural process transforms the nutrients into forms that are absorbed easily and more completely. The formula offers a combination of chelated (N/P/K) Nitrogen/Phosphorus/Potassium that is easily absorbed by the plant roots. Also included are valuable secondary nutrients and minerals that help fulfill the energy demands of vigorously growing garden plants.

Deliver the ideal amounts of magnesium, nitrogen, potassium, sulfur and potassium to the roots of your plants. These are the essential compounds that enable gardens to produce spectacular foliage and flower buds. This is the second component of a 2 part formulation that also provides mineral nutrients that include copper, manganese, boron, iron, zinc and molybdenum. Give your plants that all-important boost of energy necessary to fuel rapid growth of buds, blooms, nodes and flowers.


  • Natural ingredients add vigor and energy to garden crops

  • Provides optimal nutrition levels to your flowering garden plants

  • Helps plants develop optimal amounts of nodes

  • Enhances the natural immunity and defense systems of plants

  • Effectiveness of this product is backed by scientific studies


  • Use as a grow-base nutrient or a bloom-base agent (active compounds vary according to desired usage)

  • Available in your choice of container sizes (1-10 L)

  • Can be paired with Jungle Juice Grow (part A) to satisfy metabolic needs of plant cells throughout the life-cycle 

  • Simple to dilute and use


  • Standard directions –Mix 4 milliliters (mls) of concentrate with a gallon of H2O and apply to plants during weeks 1-6 of the blooming cycle.

  • ***Can repeat the 4th week dosage if you want to lengthen the flowering cycle

  • Flushing should be performed during the 7th week of the bloom/flower cycle

  • ***Follow label directions for additional dilution information and directions


  • Intended for use during the active blooming cycles

  • Can also be used during the growth cycles of immature plants, seedlings and cuttings (Follow specific label directions pertaining to measurement and dilution)

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