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Advanced Nutrients Jungle Juice Micro 5-0-1

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Jungle Juice Micro

Specifically designed for the high nutritional requirements of your high profit flowers and vegetables. This product was designed for growers such as us and is guaranteed to meet the specific requirements expectations and demands of your hydroponic plants nutrients. This products will help get your plants started right and provide them with what they need for their foundation by providing them with the highest quality Iron calcium and nitrogen as well as all the trace elements they need and the exact amount required from high profit plants.

Directions for use: Always us a ppm meter for monitoring your water quality as well as controlling the strength of your nutrients. Please drain and replace your nutrient solution weekly to help prevent imbalances in your nutrient solution.

Maintain nutrient pH from 5.5 - 6.8 and adjust when necessary as your water quality and pH levels will vary depending on your region and season.

For mixing recommendations please refer to the application tables. You must measure accurately and reduce your nutrients strength when your garden exhibits signs of stress or when growing in dry hot or exceptionally bright environments.

Always shake thoroughly before mixing. Add Jungle Juice Micro to to fresh water and stir thoroughly before adding your Jungle juice Grow and or Jungle Juice Bloom. You should never add Jungle Juice Micro, Grow or Bloom in an undiluted form to avoid nutrient lockout which will make some minerals and trace elements unavailable for your garden. This products is highly concentrate and has limited solubility. Ensure that it is not subject to freezing or direct sunlight. If you see that crystallization is occuring, please mix entire contents with equal amounts of hot water and then double the amount of product used.

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Advanced Nutrients

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