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Kind Led Grow Light K5 Series

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Kind Led Grow Light (K3/K5 Series)

Lind Led Glow lights provide illumination for both commercial and home growing. One feature that is embedded in the LED technology is that it speeds up the vegetative process of plants and boosts the resin content and yield. These lights will increase yields while reducing your energy bill by more than 50%. The primary advantage of Kind LED Grow lights is that they deliver higher PAR per Watt in comparison to traditional Grow Lights. These lights assist gardeners to illuminate their Grow in an effective manner.

The lights produce high yields in terms of quality and quantity. You don’t have to cool these lights like HPS lights because they generate less heat. In fact, you don’t need any additional temperature control equipment apart from the internal circulating fans. Your plants will thrive very well in the low light temperatures as it is an ideal grow environment for crops.

The lights emit a specific spectrum that growing crops require thriving with no wastage because the manufacturer sets each diode to a particular color. These lights will match the growing needs of your crops given the 12-band full spectrum. Kind LED Grow lights will save on the consumption of electricity, keep the growing room cool, simplify the grow room, and improve the quality of vegetables, fruits and flowers. This article focuses on the features and advantages of Kind LED Grow lights. The last section reviews the features of five products that fall in this category.


  • Indoor grow lights

  • Applicable for both soil and hydroponic gardening

  • High powered 3 or 5 Watt lights

  • Features an intensified proprietary 12 band spectrum

  • UV and infrared diodes for both flowering and vegetative stages of growth

  • Produces virtually no heat

  • Consumes close to 50% of the electricity

  • More cool and quitter with quite fans and precision drivers

  • Extra-large heat sinks which dissipate heat in a more efficient manner

  • Increased performance and longer life span

  • Innovative Secondary Optical Lens to maximize the penetration of photosynthesis

  • Reflectors

  • Ducting and extra timers

  • Costly ballasts

  • Come with water chillers that assist in cooling down the temperatures of cooling reservoirs

  • Vegetative lighting of costly Metal Halide (MH)

  • High Pressure Sodium (HPS) that produces heat for flowering lighting

  • Have air conditioner to lower excessive heat

  • You can use the Noisy Insulin Funs to cool the conventional ‘Hot Running’ HID Illumination

Advantages of Kind Led Lighting Products

  • Deliver high PAR per watt

  • Speeds up the vegetative process in plants

  • Boosts resin content and yields in plants

  • Helps you save more than 50 percent of energy costs

  • Applicable for both commercial and home growing

K3 Series

K3 L300

  • Product dimension of 15 X 11 X 3 Inches

  • 100-240 Volts AC Power Input Voltage

  • Kind factor of 10/10

  • Actual Wattage of 220 Watts

  • 90 Diodes in total

  • Diode voltage of 3 Watts

  • 15 diodes per module

  • Amperage of 1.83

  • 6 modules

  • Foot print of 2 X 3 inches

  • Has a work frequency of 50 X 60 Hz that is appropriate for the Global Energy Environment

  • UL Standard Output Voltage of less than 76V Dc

  • HID wattage equivalent of 300W

K3 L450

  • Product dimension of 20 X 11 X 3 Inches

  • 2.25 Amperage

  • 120 diodes in total

  • Kind factor of 10/10

  • 3 Watts diode wattage

  • Actual Wattage of 270 Watts

  • Foot print of 2.5 by 3.5 Inches

  • Equivalent HID Wattage of 450 Watts

  • 100 to 240 Volts Alternating Current of input power Voltage

  • Has a work frequency of 50/60 Hz that is appropriate for the Global Energy Environment

  • Has 15 diodes per module

  • A UL Standard Output Voltage of less than of 7 Volts Direct Current

  • Total of 8 modules

K3 L600

  • Product description of 25 X 11 X 3 Inches

  • 2.67 Amperage

  • 3 Watts diode wattage

  • Kind factor of 10/10

  • Footprint of 3 X 4 Inches

  • Actual wattage of 320W

  • 100-240V AC of input power voltage

  • Equivalent HID wattage of 600W

  • Less than 76V DC of UL standard Output Voltage

  • Has 10 modules

  • 150 diodes in total

  • 15 diodes per module

K5 Series

K5 XL750

  • Internal timing function that allow more streamlined setups

  • Product dimension of 23 X 17 X 3.5 Inches

  • ‘Mother earth’ 8 stage timing function

  • A seamless mix of 5w and 3w diodes wattage

  • 430w of actual wattage

  • Runs all functions from a reliable remote

  • Less than 76V DC of UL standard Output Voltage

  • Kind factor of 10/10

  • Fully customized spectrum that you can adjust to match various flowering and vegetative stages

  • 3.58 Amperage

  • The whole lighting system uses the PWM dimming

  • 208 diodes in total

  • Less than 76V DC of UL Standard Output

  • 100-240V AC of input power voltage

  • Extra-large footprint of 4 X 4 Inches that delivers the promised finished harvest weights

  • 50/60 Hz work frequency that is applicable for the Global Energy Environment

K5 XL1000

  • Sleek and sexy design

  • Product dimension of 26 X 20 X 3.5 Inches

  • 5.25 Amperage

  • Fully customizable spectrum

  • Less than 76V DC of UL standard Output Voltage

  • 320 diodes in total

  • Internal functioning function

  • 36 lbs. in weight

  • Seamless mix diode wattage of 3w X 5w

  • Harvest expectation that is true to spec

  • 630w of actual wattage

  • Equivalent HID wattage of 1000w

  • Extra-large footprint of 5 X 5 Inches

  • Convenient remote for running all the functions

  • Power input voltage of 100-240V AC

  • Kind factor of 10/10

The entire lighting system uses PWM dimming

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Kind LED

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