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General Hydroponics Liquid Kool Bloom

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Liquid Kool Bloom

Why settle for poor performance from your greenhouse plants when you can enjoy record-setting harvests? Spectacular blooms, heady aromas and cascades of flowers should be your goal each growing season.  Liquid KoolBloom is designed to help your achieve this gardening goal.

Help the most temperamental annuals, delicate herbs and other flowering plants reach their peak potential with regular feedings of this patented, bloom-boosting formula.

Adding this specialized plant supplement will generate longer, more prolific cycles of flowering/fruiting. The liquid contains significant quantities of K (potassium) and P (Phosphorus). These are the organic compounds which fuel the abundant production of impressive buds, fruit and flowers.

This quality nutrient formula also stimulates plants to increase their production of essential botanical oils. These natural oils heighten desirable plant characteristics involving flavor, taste and fragrance.

General Directions:

  • Can be used as a bloom enhancing agent with all soil/soil-free growing mediums

  • Combine with water and add directly to garden soil. Mix 1 teaspoon with a gallon of water. For more diluted concentration decrease product amount to ½ teaspoon. Can also be added to those regular liquid garden supplements.

  • Combine 5-10 cc of the liquid formula with 1 gallon of regular nutrient solution if using the formula as a supplement in hydroponic gardens.

**This supplement is designed for use once a plant has reached the flowering stage. (Organic mineral content not intended to promote early growth and root development.)  Continue using the product until the flowers/fruit have fully bloomed/ripened.

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