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Green Eye LED Flashlight

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Green Eye LED Flashlight

With the Green Eye LED flashlight you are now able to check on your plants during the night-time hours. The LED lighting gives you clear visibility of growing plants and never disrupts the rhythmic cycle of growth and development. Help your crops thrive even while you monitor the growing conditions, environment and growth rates. This hand-held light source is completely safe to use with all plants including germinating seeds, sprouts and delicate seedlings.

Healthy plants are constantly undergoing different growth cycles. Bright lights can interrupt these important activity cycles. Using the Green Eye flashlight it is possible to monitor both crops and growing conditions without interfering with the cellular actions that are taking place within the leaves, roots and stems. The LED bulbs provide adequate light for gardeners while promoting optimal rest and development for your valuable greenhouse plants.


  • Water-resistant housing

  • Lightweight design

  • High-intensity LED lighting

  • LED green bulbs do not disrupt plant growth cycles


  • Economical and affordable

  • Provides clear views at short distances

  • Long lasting LED bulbs provide 100K+ hours of use

  • Promotes optimal plant health and development

  • Convenient source of “plant-safe” lighting


  • This product is designed to provide night-time viewing of plants (without interfering with normal plant cell activities).

  • Use as an alternative light source or a replacement for a standard flashlight

  • *Requires the use of 3 AAA batteries


  • Intended for use in gardens/greenhouses where flourishing plant growth is desired.

  • *Best for short-distance viewing

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Green Eye

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