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Magic Green House and Garden

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Magic Green

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Magic Green (2.7-0.7-3.5) is a foliar spray that gardeners use to enhance vitality and make sure that your crops get access to what they require for a flowering period that is successful. You can apply it to mother plants, cuttings, and sprouts one time every week during the phase of the growth. Magic green turns your foliage into dark green, vibrant colors and forms a prospective waxy layer on the leaves of your plants.

This product has the ability of optimally nourishing your crops from the outside and adding strength to the natural defense of the plants. Therefore, it offers a lot of help to green plants during all the growth phases. All additives and ingredients are manufactured with food grade or/and pharmaceutical ingredients in tiny batches to make sure that the experience and quality are consistent.  

You use a back-pack sprayer and plant pump to administer this product. The leaves can absorb magic green directly to bring vitality and dark green color back to the plants. Make sure you stick to the desired dosage because over application will not work well for your plants. This plant agent is gentle and works very well with your crops. Apart from supplying nutrients for the leaves, this a 100 % organic plant booster also offers protection from external threats such as molds and insects.


Magic green includes phosphoric acid, potassium oxide, nitric acid, and ammonium nitrate.

Dosage and Application

Mix 5 to 10ml of magic green in one liter the spraying solution. Apply the mixture one to two times every week immediately after switching off the lights.

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CA$ 41.00

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