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Powerful Magnifier Loupe 30X

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Powerful Magnifier Loupe 30X

Hydroponic gardens can be devastated by diseases and insects. Prevent this problem by inspecting your crops for any signs of potential problems. Plant pests can be quickly identified when you use the Powerful Magnifying Loupe that takes your "close-up" visual prowess to a completely new level! This handy gardening tool has the magnification strength of 30X.

With dual glass lenses your viewing ability allows you to check plants for the presence of any unwanted bugs and insects. Tiny pests are easily spotted and can be visually identified. This makes it possible to remove the pests manually or you can select the proper insecticidal agent. With the 30X Magnifier Loupe you can even check your plants for the first signs of plant disease. Stay one step ahead of potential plant and garden problems with this portable magnification device.

The 30X magnification loupe is the ideal pocket companion for all gardeners to use. The device helps you identify pests and diseases quickly.   Use the magnification power of the eyepiece to check the integrity of leaves, stems and flowers in the greenhouse. Designed with an LED light feature that provides exceptional visual clarity for the user


  • Portable magnifier

  • Double lenses

  • 30X magnification

  • EZ to use

  • Provides powerful clarity


  • No technical skills necessary

  • LED light can be switched on (or off) as needed

  • Impact resistant platic housing protects glass lenses

  • Optical Quality Lenses

  • View plants in extraordinary detail

  • Teardrop shaping makes it easy to use the sliding glass eyepiece

  • Attractive chrome plating

Directions: Slide the double lens out of the protective case and use it to magnify the plants that you are inspecting. Hold the loupe in front of your eye at a distance which provides the most clarity and magnification


  • Designed as a gardening tool for growers with hydroponic, aquaponic or traditional gardens

  • *Can even be used as a basic magnifying loupe when close-up views are desired

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