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Mammoth Classic Grow Tents

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Mammoth Classic Grow Tent

Mammoth Classic presents a tent series from mammoth that has a standard quality. This mid-range grow room has several features associated with high end tents. You can find these quality grow tents at a very affordable price. The features that are in these tents make gardening effective and simple. The Mammoth Classic Grow Tents are ideal for newer growers who are looking for high quality. 


  • Large doors for ease access and working from the interior

  • Washable material on exterior and interior

  • Compatible with nearly all hydroponic systems

  • Light proof design

  • Steel frames with 16mm tubes

  • Various exhausts and intakes make the setup to be flexible

  • 95 percent reflective Mylar 190D fabric

  • Comes with a removable water tray

  • Easy and quick to assemble and dissemble

  • Removable water tray

  • Equipment hangers

  • Easy and quick to assemble and dissemble

  • Strong equipment tubes that can gold 50kg

  • Straps for easily integrating the equipment


  • Protects crops against infections and bad weather conditions

  • Reduce insect attack

  • Possess all features a perfect indoor gardener needs

  • The hammering effect redistributes light evenly

  • Set to fully support photosynthesis

  • Use the high-intensity indoor lighting to fully support the light on period

  • Built in facilities and access points to accommodate all your setup equipment

  • Sealed properly and can’t leak

  • Manufactured using high steel poles and heavy duty fabric

  • No light penetration to disrupt the light off season


  1. Classic 60 (2x2x4.6)

  2. Classic 90 (3x3x5.3)

  3. Classic 120 (3.9x3.9x5.9)

Classic 150 (4.9x4.9x6.6)

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SKU MM3070
Manufacturer Mammoth