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Auto Flowering Feminized

Available in Canada only.

Auto-flowering medicinal cannabis seeds generally produce small plants ideal for outdoor growth. These plants’ flowering tendencies are independent of diurnal changes in light levels that occur seasonally. Standard marijuana begins to flower at the end of summer when days begin to shorten and light levels decline. Auto-flowering strains are quite different in that they flower irrespective of the season or light levels.

Auto-flowering plants generally take 10 weeks to mature fully. They grow to a height of between 12 and 23 inches. At around the third week of growth, they begin to flower and can be harvested from the 9th week of growth. This implies that they offer the grower a quick harvest.

Feminized auto-flowering seeds are available. these increase yields significantly since one does not have to identify sexes nor are there any male plants to be discarded. Nevertheless, a special growth formula is necessary for optimal growth of feminized auto flowering plants.

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