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Feminized Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

Available in Canada only.

  • Crop King Seeds
  • Rare Earth Seeds

Feminized medicinal cannabis seeds are specially bred such that all male chromosomes are eliminated. This ensures that every plant germinated from the seeds will be female. These seeds are recommended for people keen on simplifying cultivation since the grower doesn’t have to be concerned about the identification and removal of male plants during the flowering stage.

Feminized seeds eliminate the need for one to germinate some extra plants as is the case with regular seeds. All plants germinated turn out to be female, so none of them is discarded during flowering. The grower consequently only has to germinate as many plants as he or she needs.

Of note is that the gender of a cannabis plant can vary depending on the conditions of growth. It is even possible for a single plant to produce both male and female flowers. Environmental stressor such as unfavorable temperature, physical harm and light cycle variations trigger an inbuilt survival mechanism within cannabis plants with a resultant manifestation of intersexual characteristics.