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Feminized Hybrid Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

Depending on the breeding preferences, hybrid feminized cannabis seeds combine and balance the medicinal effects and features of both indica and sativa marijuana strains. As such, indica-rich strains produce CBD-rich medicinal and laxative effects, while sativa-rich stains produce THC-rich effects.

Optimally balanced hybrid strains combine the medicinal effects of indica cannabis, such as pain relief, appetite stimulation and anti-inflammation, while maintaining the cerebral "high" effects of sativa strains making the user euphoric, energetic, and happy.

Important Features

  • They can be indica (CBD-rich) or sativa (THC-rich) dominant; or a balanced combination of both.
  • Responds well to plant-training techniques and are hence easy to grow.
  • They produce medium to tall plants.
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor growth.

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