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Regular Medicinal Cannabis Seeds

Available in Canada only.

Regular or standard medicinal cannabis seeds are derived from one male and one female plant. Once they are planted, they can grow into either male or female marijuana plants. It is thus impossible to determine whether regular seeds will produce male or female plants. One can nonetheless tell whether a plant is male or female once it flowers because while the pods of male plants are oval, female plants produce teardrop shaped calyxes.

About 34% of regular seeds turn out to be male. It is thus important to germinate some extra regular seeds to compensate for any male plants that one might have to discard during the flowering period. Regular seeds are preferred when one plans to breed cannabis. The quality of plants from regular seeds will depend on the conditions for growth, amount of space and time available as well as one’s overall expertise. For a grower who desires an outstanding bud and bumper harvest, feminized seeds rather than regular seeds are advised.

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