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Hagen Marina 200 Air Pumps

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Marina Air Pump 200 and 100

Marina Air Pumps bring the use an excellent blend of high performance, maximum output, and quiet operation. The cutting-edge technologies used on the pump give it a powerful airflow that delivers reliable performance in providing air that increases water movement and turbulence. This method of operation results in optimal oxygenation in a water reservoir or tank.

Sound reduction in this pump is achieved via a specially crafted pump cover that dampens any sound produced by the pump. Our pumps additionally come with unique rubber feet that are soft in a way that minimizes the vibrations from the pump. The pump also has a durable diaphragm that is built with long-lasting tensile materials.

Those air pumps are ideal for use with diverse air-powered ornaments, air stones, bubble walls or protein skimmers. The power can additionally be used on aquariums of different sizes with the general performance varying depending on the model of the pump, size of the tank as well as the number of air stones and air valves used.

Marina 100 Air Pump

  • Single outlet and is ideal for volumes 20 to 40 gallon.

Marina 200 Air Pump

  • Two outlets and is ideal for volumes 35 to 60 gallon.

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