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Matador CO2 Controller and Monitor

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Matador CO2 Controller and Monitor

CA$ 549.00

The Matador CO2 controller and monitor is a cutting-edge technology that closely monitors and controls the levels of Carbon Dioxide flowing into your enclosed garden. It has a range of 0 – 5,000 ppm. It comes with a preset range of factory settings, making it quite easy to set up.

Apart from its integrated temperature compensation mechanism, it has a huge LCD display and can handle up to two burners. Its front panel has a user-friendly, easy-touch keypad. This controller is compatible with available Regulators and Burners.

Plants largely rely on Carbon Dioxide gas for proper growth. Although this gas exists naturally, plants can benefit tremendously from a significant increase in the levels of ambient Carbon-Dioxide in their habitat. For instance, a boost in the gas's concentration will increase plants’ growth rate from the very first day, improving productivity later on.

Apart from increasing in size, herbaceous crops produce finer roots and healthier flowers. The crops’ ability to deal with toxic components lying in the soil also improves dramatically. Plants also produce defense compounds more efficiently, helping to ward off pests easily. As the icing on the cake, crops take less time to mature and their yield increases spectacularly.

There is no doubting the immense benefits that an extra supply of Carbon gas can have to your garden. However, you need to use CO2 wisely for optimum results. Too much of this gas can have adverse effects on humans. For instance, exposure to high levels of Carbon can lead to headaches and migraines.

Although increasing the concentration levels of this gas will cause a proportional improvement in the health of your crops, there exists an optimal point beyond which any further addition won’t yield any beneficial effects. Extensive research has determined the optimum level of CO2 needed to grow plants in a greenhouse ranges between 1000 and 2000 ppm (parts per million). For safety reasons, it shouldn’t exceed 3000 ppm.

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CA$ 549.00

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