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Ideal-Air Silver Duct Tape 2 x 30 Yard

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Metallic Silver Duct Tape (2 x 30 Yard)

Choose sturdy, reflective silver duct tape for those constantly challenging gardening and household tasks. Each roll measures 2 inches in width and is 30 yards (90 feet) long. Just unroll the amount that you need. Ready to use-never any annoying backing to remove.

Wrap around cracked containers to prevent leaks. Use strips of this tape as temporary bug strips in the greenhouse. Create labels for plants with duct tape and a marking pen. The waterproof-UV resistance qualities make this an ideal tool to use when repairing air ducts or holding tarps in place. Take advantage of the heat/light reflective properties to improve the growing environment for your plants. Versatile and reliable- gardeners should always have at least one roll of duct tape handy.

Few items have proven as versatile as a roll of silver duct tape. With this adhesive based product it's easy to make quick repairs on pipes, ducting, boxes, plastic sheeting and other items. In your greenhouse you can easily secure plastic coverings to floors, walls and ceilings. The waterproof tape stands up to those blistering UV rays and can even withstand temperature extremes (-35F-350F).


  • Large 2 inch width

  • Each roll is 90 feet (30 yards) long

  • Heavy duty adhesive tape adapts to challenging situations

  • No annoying paper backing


  • Waterproof

  • User-friendly

  • Perfect for chores in gardens, homes and greenhouses

  • Creates leak-proof seals around windows, walls and doors

  • High level of reflective properties

  • UV resistance

  • Flexibility

  • Flame-retardant

  • Secure adhesion to surfaces

  • Use with confidence

  • Works in temperatures ranging from -35 F to 350 F

  • Adaptable to almost any situation as either a permanent or temporary solution

Directions: Apply tape smoothly to prevent unnecessary wrinkling that could interfere with a complete water-tight seal.

Uses: Heavy duty duct tape is designed for a wide variety of uses in homes, gardens, garages, greenhouses, hydroponic establishments and industrial settings.

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