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Botanicare MicroGardens (14" x 30")

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Micro Gardens

CA$ 26.95

Grow those plants that you have always wanted to own-even if you only have a small apartment. Share your love of gardening with friends and family. Create a treasure trove of wonderful memories; and reap the spectacular harvest that you are now able to produce with one of the world’s most successful tiny gardens.

  • This mini-garden can be nestled into a space as small as 14in x 31in

  • Supports plants from 1 inch - 6+feet in height

  • Crafted from durable BPA-free plastic materials

  • Growing tray has a depth of 7 inches

The unique 10 gallon water reservoir delivers minerals and nutrients to the roots of your plants. Choose the nutrient solution that you want to use. Then you just fill the container as directed. The Micro-Garden system is designed to transport the solution throughout the growing tray. You can use the timer to schedule feedings for your plants.

At periodic intervals the liquid nutrients will be evenly distributed to the roots of the plants. Each cycle provides ample time for your plants to absorb the correct amount of food and water. Then the remainder of the solution is drained back into the water reservoir where it can be utilized during future plant feeding cycles.

These tiny modular gardens offer

  • Simple design and set-up

  • Pleasing aesthetics

  • Easy feeding/watering for all plants

  • Choice of growing methods

Every unit includes the gardening trays, growing medium, reservoir, pH testing accessories, starter plugs, planting pots and a timing mechanism. There is even a comprehensive instruction guide that will walk you through each step of the micro-gardening process.

*In addition to the items listed above you will receive a company warranty that covers the timer, pumping mechanism and individual trays.

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