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Mother Earth Hydropebbles

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Mother Earth Hydropebbles

Give your hydroponic crops the growth medium necessary to support optimal development and productivity. These expandable pebbles are made from a sterile, odorless clay material. The porous properties of the clay ensure adequate water retention. Each of the pebbles has a spherical design-the best shape to promote plant aeration and drainage. Hydropebbles provide root support, spurs growth of plants and prevents problems such as root rot, pH spikes and soil-borne pests and diseases.

Hydropebbles by Mother Earth are a natural option to use with your hydroponic plants. This growth medium offers specific advantages that are not possible with traditional garden soil. The odor-free clay pebbles provide efficient drainage and aeration of the plant roots and will not disrupt the pH readings in your greenhouse. Use of this product also keeps plants free from harmful insects, bacteria and diseases that live in garden soils.


  • Expanded, light-weight clay balls are sturdy enough to stabilize delicate plant roots

  • Economical alternative to garden soil

  • Maximizes transport of nutrients to plants

  • Ideal option for hydroponic gardens

  • Inert composition will not interfere with pH levels

  • Optimizes root drainage

  • Supports healthy root aeration and promotes more efficient oxygenation throughout root system


  • Clean and natural

  • Optimizes use of water

  • Supports nourishment, drainage and aeration of roots

  • Encourages stronger, healthier plant development

  • Stops the development of soil-borne diseases and pests¬†

  • Prevents root-rot

  • Does not change pH values


  • Can be utilized as the support/transport system for all hydroponic plants

  • Use as the growth medium for establishing strong, healthy roots

Uses: Designed as a replacement growth medium that can be used in hydroponics, aquaponics, hobby gardens or commercial growing establishments

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Mother Earth

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