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Advanced Nutrients Mother Earth Organic Tea Bloom

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Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom

CA$ 28.10

Advanced Nutrients now offers a bio-stimulating formula that helps you become one of the master herb growers. This composted gardening tea blend is designed for use with herbs and other plants. Provide pure, natural vitality for plants and re-energize your existing garden soil.

Discover how to get the maximum performance from herbs and flowers. Grow larger buds. Produce lush foliage on even the most difficult types of plants. If you want to grow healthier, more productive indoor plants Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom is the one nutrient additive that you should be using.

Delivers compounds that strengthen the health and disease-resistance of plants while encouraging maximal growth and flowering

Product Features

  • 3-2-5 formulation allows you to get the most powerful performance from each plant

  • Guaranteed organic compounds (including kelp extracts, shrimp/fish/crab meal, worm castings)

  • Versatile- use with garden soil, soil-free growth media or add to your hydroponic feedings

  • Realize untapped growing potential

  • Adds vital nutrients to all soils and growing mediums

  • Easy to apply-quick absorption by plant roots

  • Creates more intense flavors and increases the production of natural plant aromatics

  • Contains bio-stimulating agents, phyto-nutrients, calcium and other essential growth compounds


  • This formula is perfectly balanced which means it can be applied as an individual additive or combined with your choice of plant fertilizers/feeds/nutrients.

  • *Available in 1L, 4Land 10L containers

  • For hydroponic use- add 7.5-15 cc to 1 quart of H2O/liquid.

  • Adding to Nutrient Formulas- Mix 3.75-7.5 cc to each quart of liquid

Injection Growing Systems

    • 8.33 cc/1 to each liter of liquid-if using Mother Earth Super Tea Bloom as the sole agent and inject at a ratio of 1/50

    • 4.2 cc to each liter of liquid-for hydroponic use and inject at ratio of 1/50

  • Mixing with soil or soil-free growth media-

  • Combine 3.75-7.5 cc to each liter/quart of water (can dilute by 50% if adding to an existing nutrient formula)

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